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MOM is a selection of photographs made by my mother, Ronda G. Dahlke, prior to her passing in August of 2018. The photos were found on various SD cards and USB thumb drives and range from vacation photos to random everyday snapshots. Every photo included in this book highlights a part of Ronda - her interest in traveling, antiques, typography and design, her kids and their interests, and her sense of humour. I hope that this book gives you something of an idea of who she was, and why she was so special to those who knew and loved her.

In honour of Ronda's compassionate and caring nature $18.00 from every book sold will be donated in her name to Sistering, a "multi-service agency for at-risk, socially isolated women and trans people in Toronto who are homeless or precariously housed" to help support the valuable work they have been doing in our community for the past 40 years.

(2021) 8 x 10", 40 pages, full-colour, individually numbered out of 110, staple and tape-bound.

Hand-made in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada.

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